Andromeda’s Web

I’m not a girl with the sea at my feet in the morning
Having been beyond the horizon in the dogeared pages of the night sky
The vast encyclopedia of the love of lovers
Is trapped inside time’s vacuum of loneliness
The light I know is from distant memories
And it again is consumed by empty promises
Like wishing upon a star that faded long ago
All desire has fallen prey to the science of lies
This hurt masquerades as the truth
My pain is beautiful

Sanctified Moonlight

The darkest of nights I couldn’t break free
Thought hopelessly bleak was my destiny
Now these embers of desire are lit for you
Like the sky as it wears a warm night’s hue
I sense you have a tender heart
Nobly lacking a caustic part
Like an orange glow in the dusk sky
With the rising moon, eternally shy
I was regretfully praying rejected prayers
Trying to avoid my mind’s tangled snares
Then in the mild light as my past began to fade
I found my innocence again with the love we made
Looking to the moon before my lucid dreams
Guiding me to you with lucent gleams

Goodbye to Seventh Heaven

Vanquishing all hopes and dreams
A future in silent screams
Never to have the pleasure
Of surmounting the treasure
Of the beauty of your life
Dreaming of being your wife
The light of your dimpled grin
It quenched my thirst from within
And I would become brand new
With beauty to me from you
Your gift in making me tall
For the heavens cannot fall
Yet I felt like a young star
Wondrous but naive by far
As the soft rays of my light
Humbly reflected the blight
Of a love that was quite vast
Blemished from a painful past
This ache in my soul is deep
My fall from your heaven – steep

Act of Contrition

Please write me a life in your heart
With words that run off the page
Like my blood as my veins tore apart
After you left in anger and rage
Please find me a nook in your dreams
Where you dance naked exposing your soul
Your sleep is where my spirit beams
You can make my brokenness whole
Please don’t change the script of fate
I’m the story arc of your blood
Forever is such a long wait
For your heart and dreams to flood
I’m in silence wishing for your return
A poem not fully expressed
When my ashes spilled into the urn
Truths ceased to be confessed
Pieces of me are in the air you breathe
Denying love is a fallow path
Oh how it makes all creation seethe
And builds the gods’ mighty wrath
Please find my soul in the sky
Beautifully written beyond the Kuiper Belt
In frozen darkness, alone I cry
Your radiance here can’t be felt
Wherever you find me now
Please keep me infused in your core
For as long as time will allow
Reconciling the veins that I tore

For Those Who Create


This poem is brilliant. He thinks he is a novice, but he amazes me with the depth of his words.

Originally posted on Book to the Future:


For Those Who Create…From One Who Reads

Suspended in this limbo
I choose to look deeply into the heart
Seeking your soul
this layered world established in intricate rules of delicate complexity.

The labyrinthine nature of density ensnares and inveigles,
deeper in the journey taken, is the roused traveller
on footpaths unseen and unfamiliar, yet innately known
the imprint of transcendence.

Inward images reveal the world outside,
Perception once unknown, now recognised with ill disguised vigour
All is…forever changed,
cognisance complete

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Confessions in the Belfry

All I wish could be mine
Is scattered in the forever that stretches afar
From atop this sanctuary divine
The angels magnificent boudoir

The town is crowned by diamonds at night
And agelessly ages as morning dew
Forgotten come mid-day light
Tomorrow to begin anew

I can’t digest what’s been cast out into the dark
And the onerous clanging of doom
By the empty vessels of cold and stark
Viewing life with such gloom

Between here and there I’m in the crease
Absolved eternally of what others stockpile in the abyss
I stand in its majesty alone in peace
Patiently waiting for the new day’s kiss

Sins of the Father

Somber is the saddest soul
Tattered like an old flag
Downtrodden with what I’m afflicted

I reach for you
And the searing pain of a love that splattered like hot oil
Burns away the doorway to our eternity or down you kicked it

The path you took by forsaking me
Seemed wondrous as the night sky
Shattered by bad choices

Disjointed jagged little diamonds
Fallen prey to your mar
The future echoes our children’s voices