You looked beyond all bane
In the soft trail of the night

Distant as Phoebe’s terrain

Truly mild and lacking fight

Who I am when I’m with you

A question answered long ago

Mul.apin and a better view

The night sky is what I know

I’m diamond hard and shiny 

Intangible like a far off thought

A vast universe but tiny 

Sometimes happily distraught

In tears over the beauty I see

In the future, it’s you without me

You’re the reason I’m feeling pained

A reflection nebula, my light is feigned

Love Lost beyond the Sunset of the Babylonian Star Catalogs

Here’s the deal,

Every night is so lonely without you 

Don’t know who you are

Save you’re not by my side

It can’t be real,

I know nothing about you

Love’s dawn a mar

I must run and hide

Naked in the starry night

A mirror of your soul

Darkness shines so bright

Loneliness takes its toll

Doubts have surpassed me

And still they chip away

With a sculptor’s tenacity

Mortal wounds on display

Stay with me

Seal the deal

Let this be

A love that’s real

The Umbra and the Equinox 

The moonlight is too distant
With muted stars fading everywhere 
Remnants of my feelings 

Hollow yet filled with despair 

Just reckless in choosing 

My heart to find the way

I’m bound to my truth

Lonely, and misfortunately gray

I cannot bring back the past

It’s gone to a distant universe

Left here, I’m fallow

Something time cannot reimburse

This won’t be unfulfilling 

I fully trust what lies ahead

In emptiness there’s solace

Nurtured, my soul won’t go unfed

Somewhere up the road of life

I’m back to finding you

My purpose in this timeless cycle

Discover an alternate view 

Scrawled in the Sand

I hear the gentle chop of the sea

Where this love be stills my heart

My cries set the early morning free

And the miles that tear us apart

The air reached its weight capacity 

How tangible this subtropical night

Drowning me with its balmy opacity

Before the dawn’s tranquil light

If you ever feel a draft

I’ll be the one against your skin

The mighty clouds have laughed

But the sun won’t let them win

I wait on the shore as it rises

A reflection of you fades from my side

Just another of my fate’s guises

Washing the life from me come high tide


Mi Fughetta

In the blatant stall of summer’s blaze
Where willows dare not weep

The quiet symphony my soul plays

And into your heart should seep

Yet the metronome has been counting time

And maybe the rhythm’s not right

Just reset the crescendo’s descent and climb

A weeping willow’s blight

Then it’s all staccato and loud

Chasing you away

A brilliant roll of a thunderous cloud

The drummer has to play

Stellar as it seems

Magnificence does fall

The beauty of your heart’s surrender

To my love song after all

Farewell to the King

Watch the sun say goodnight
And the stars first shine their light

Gazing into my eyes

Filled with wonder and surprise

This is where you need to be

On the sand

Squeezing my hand

Over my head

Inhaling every word I said

About this affinity I have for you

As your eyes glisten a deep timeless blue

And the path of time, the sea, it paves

While the stars waltz upon those wanton waves

Diffusing the glare

Of lost wishes and care

I know I’ll never be subpoenaed to speak the truth

Of my heart and head and your lips of vermouth

Subdued, I surrender with a sigh

Alone I dream on under a champagne veil of the evening sky