Star Wars

He’s a million stars

Lighting up a perfect sky

The blanket of night

Wondrous to the naked eye


His heart’s astray

The Kuiper Belt

In the Milky Way

Scared to know the truth

So he’ll never hear a sound

Frozen tears fall

But never hit the ground


I’m the pieces that linger

In an echo

Of a come hither finger

A million stars

Beyond the curtain of candlelight

I’ll linger in a dream

To escape his heart’s flight


I’d like to say I love you

With ten million stars sparkling overhead

And an equal amount of champagne bubbles flirting along with our pheromones 

I’d like to say and do these things

But you’re not with me tonight

Alone I walk the nighttime beach with the grains of sand scattering about 

As the breeze off the whipped foam water drowns out the vastness of the starlight 

And masks the tears of this solitary confinement

Losing My Sea Legs

Rushing to the finish line
The merciless last call
And out the door forevermore

Another insurmountable haul
There is a slow and deliberate wave

That I do

I’m reticent, even with the breaths I draw

Minus a few
I’m trying to gauge this divide

Inhaling the fumes

What lies between us

Two hearts once in bloom
The waiting and wade as the tide rolls in

Drowning out the distance

Cold seeks warm

In the path of least resistance 
I wave goodbye to all those I left behind

Or is it hello?

I see the stars all new and sparkly 

But they’re from a long, long time ago
New and sparkly like what I can be to you

The tide rolls in as I wave

I hear my name called from beyond my stare

But it’s unlikely I’ll be brave
My heart is weak

My head is pounding

I’ll always be there

In the dark surroundings


In the sun, frying into a parched crispness,

Vapors of my soul’s essence release

And are freed from the dreariness of unrequited love 

It is my hope that this love finds and binds

with the one who has caused me to drink in tears

Drowning my future happiness

Ruining all the promises that a heart holds inside

Where it becomes imprinted for many sorrowfully empty years, and death has no fire escape 



You looked beyond all bane
In the soft trail of the night

Distant as Phoebe’s terrain

Truly mild and lacking fight

Who I am when I’m with you

A question answered long ago

Mul.apin and a better view

The night sky is what I know

I’m diamond hard and shiny 

Intangible like a far off thought

A vast universe but tiny 

Sometimes happily distraught

In tears over the beauty I see

In the future, it’s you without me

You’re the reason I’m feeling pained

A reflection nebula, my light is feigned

Love Lost beyond the Sunset of the Babylonian Star Catalogs

Here’s the deal,

Every night is so lonely without you 

Don’t know who you are

Save you’re not by my side

It can’t be real,

I know nothing about you

Love’s dawn a mar

I must run and hide

Naked in the starry night

A mirror of your soul

Darkness shines so bright

Loneliness takes its toll

Doubts have surpassed me

And still they chip away

With a sculptor’s tenacity

Mortal wounds on display

Stay with me

Seal the deal

Let this be

A love that’s real