This fear

love has gotten cold

your hand to hold

fear the that our ties will sever

I will be without you forever

the marrow of the bone

the light that hardly shone

the silence between your words

the anger and the hurt

is fear for the divide

is fear by my side

is fear in losing you

is fear when love is true

long to celebrate your being near me

you I love so dearly

all the words you had said

me in fear and doubt and regret.



To try to touch you is difficult in this world so demanding.

All the emotions and surrounding memories give a hue

to that which is your life and are freestanding,

imprinted upon each facet of what I see as you.

I’m not proud of my fears,

and the sins that overtake my years.

I am weaker than all that time has driven

through you and me, and so I’m not forgiven

by God or by man, may swift justice succeed,

nullifying our love, letting our hearts be freed.

How Do You?

How do you get the stains of love to fade from your heart?

Do you bandage them up with time,

or will they harden from the coldness of the void?

How do you survive with a heart that cannot feel love?

Do you make the best of it by faking through the smiles,

or do you hope new love breaks through the scarred fascia?

Help me find my way back home to love again.

Haunted house

the shadows of the night,

from the dimmest light,

tip-toes and a heavy-hearted path

sin was amongst the house to last.

and knuckling my hands,

love and wedding bands,

sleep alone in this house of shame.

lack of affection is to blame.

simple kiss was upon my lips.

out it fades, the candle drips.

woes, they may come and go,

I’m alone again, still he does not know.

For the one who stole my heart

I feel your skin
and my soul

is standing on
its feet

I say your name and

you squeeze me
tighter. My mouth just said “heaven”

and you heard my
call. Even if you sleepwalk through

the night in the
hall, you know what I know, that

beyond your roof
and higher than the clouds,

the stars are

awash in time.
This time is what I have

to show you,

as harsh as a
winter wind’s beating,

and as hot as a

blacktop, you
will walk with your

head held high

 knowing that love

is with you for
all of

my life. When
time goes away

and blankets us

blackness, this
love will be another

star in the sky

lighting the way
for those we left behind.

(Ed, Schu, Mia)

Name poem for baby girl Tamra

I wrote this for Tamra and her parents after she was adopted more than 7 years ago.



Time has a funny way

never being too late,

carrying the

whispers of

A mommy and a daddy

Magically beyond

Heaven’s Gate.

Reasoning with the

obstacles passed which we

had to roam, our greatest wish granted:

An angel was waiting

us to guide her home.


Who frees you
when you are locked up inside
Who needs you
with your hands untied
The pilot light of my heart
is fading
With the notion of an inferno
I’m masquerading
Who feeds you
with the bread of sustaining
Who leads you
through the dark when it’s raining
I’m the only one for you
Tell me you know it’s true

to shame

the creaking of the door
sneaking back in at four
tearing us in two
never reaching out for you
it’s putting this love to shame

will we ache from old age together
or say goodbye to forever
will the yearning in the night
end what started out as right
we’re putting this love to shame

I see you toss and turn in your sleep
so gently you start to weep
and put this love away
before the dawn of the new day
you’re putting me to shame

alone in the night
I know it’s not right
but you’re left waiting
heartbroken and anticipating
I’m putting you to shame

I want to wrap myself in your geography
and make you forget the insecurity
but the night has changed to day
and hope just slips away
this love has been put to shame

return to me

return to me (for my Schuyler)

In a flash I’ve found
that you went from tugging at my side
to skipping through the school playground
With your big doe eyes
and your smile that outshines the sun

In time I am sure
your life will stretch you beyond
the map that surrounds me
and take you away from this place

Stop back and visit
let me tell you of all the things
you won’t remember
but I will never forget

In a flash I’ve found
that my love for you is home
A mother’s heart holds all the love
a daughter needs forever

Skip or run
drive or fly
return to me
in a flash of time.