You left me breathlessly hanging onto the aura of our kiss.

It’s lived 1000 lives,

and I felt all of them.

So here I am,

clawing at your soul,

but you cannot feel me…

or can you?

I wonder,

in the moments that lie between us,

is the love still real,

living its life

wandering aimlessly through eternity?

What binds us together

can dissolve all those lives

that one kiss has lived,

if this passion we share

doesn’t learn the intricate pace

of the long walk to forever.

Do you hope to hold me?

The fear is in the asking,

as with love, it’s hope

that I yearn for you.

One thought on “untitled

  1. That is one hanker for a hunka smooch! You personify a kiss well. The mental and pysical combustion of the phrasing of this poem is superb.

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