For a friend

Have you ever loved someone

although they didn’t care?

Have you ever felt like crying

but knew you’d get nowhere?

Have you ever gazed into their eyes

and said a little prayer?

Have you ever peeked into their hearts

and wished that you were there?

Have you ever felt their heartbeat,

when the sun was setting low?

Have you ever whispered “God, I love You”

but you couldn’t let it show?

They say love is grand,

but it tends to make you cry.

Between love and death,

I’d rather choose to die.

So do not fall in love, my friend,

it doesn’t pay a dime.

It only winds up breaking hearts,

and it happens all the time.

I’m afraid I must now leave, my friend,

because if you knew

that by the way, my friend,

I fell in love with you.

If ever there is a time

when you are finally free,

could you look inside your heart

with the hope of finding me?