For the one who stole my heart

I feel your skin
and my soul

is standing on
its feet

I say your name and

you squeeze me
tighter. My mouth just said “heaven”

and you heard my
call. Even if you sleepwalk through

the night in the
hall, you know what I know, that

beyond your roof
and higher than the clouds,

the stars are

awash in time.
This time is what I have

to show you,

as harsh as a
winter wind’s beating,

and as hot as a

blacktop, you
will walk with your

head held high

 knowing that love

is with you for
all of

my life. When
time goes away

and blankets us

blackness, this
love will be another

star in the sky

lighting the way
for those we left behind.

(Ed, Schu, Mia)

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