Who frees you
when you are locked up inside
Who needs you
with your hands untied
The pilot light of my heart
is fading
With the notion of an inferno
I’m masquerading
Who feeds you
with the bread of sustaining
Who leads you
through the dark when it’s raining
I’m the only one for you
Tell me you know it’s true

to shame

the creaking of the door
sneaking back in at four
tearing us in two
never reaching out for you
it’s putting this love to shame

will we ache from old age together
or say goodbye to forever
will the yearning in the night
end what started out as right
we’re putting this love to shame

I see you toss and turn in your sleep
so gently you start to weep
and put this love away
before the dawn of the new day
you’re putting me to shame

alone in the night
I know it’s not right
but you’re left waiting
heartbroken and anticipating
I’m putting you to shame

I want to wrap myself in your geography
and make you forget the insecurity
but the night has changed to day
and hope just slips away
this love has been put to shame

return to me

return to me (for my Schuyler)

In a flash I’ve found
that you went from tugging at my side
to skipping through the school playground
With your big doe eyes
and your smile that outshines the sun

In time I am sure
your life will stretch you beyond
the map that surrounds me
and take you away from this place

Stop back and visit
let me tell you of all the things
you won’t remember
but I will never forget

In a flash I’ve found
that my love for you is home
A mother’s heart holds all the love
a daughter needs forever

Skip or run
drive or fly
return to me
in a flash of time.

A Mid-afternoon Tryst

Sunlight dances through the tree top.
The catch is so worth the fall.
The sprinkles of light never seem to stop.
I feel powerless underneath something so tall.
My face glistens like a million stars
high above in the endless sky.
Lost within a tightly closed jar–
the spirit of a firefly.
I have chosen to hide out.
I have decided to stay away.
This firefly will not find a spout
to cleanse her spirit today.
Sunlight dances passed the tree top,
and I will ignore the evening’s call.
Even the moonlight won’t make it stop–
this painful pleasure of a lover’s fall.

As I watched you kiss me,

I felt as though

I was swimming at the edge

Of a reflecting pool

Made for our souls

But I don’t know if that

Was the beginning or

The end of our time

And all of my au revoir’s

Can regretfully change

To adieu.

I feel you fading

Like the fog upon

A morning window.

You break me down


Shaking and crying.

And now it is if you’re gone


For a friend

Have you ever loved someone

although they didn’t care?

Have you ever felt like crying

but knew you’d get nowhere?

Have you ever gazed into their eyes

and said a little prayer?

Have you ever peeked into their hearts

and wished that you were there?

Have you ever felt their heartbeat,

when the sun was setting low?

Have you ever whispered “God, I love You”

but you couldn’t let it show?

They say love is grand,

but it tends to make you cry.

Between love and death,

I’d rather choose to die.

So do not fall in love, my friend,

it doesn’t pay a dime.

It only winds up breaking hearts,

and it happens all the time.

I’m afraid I must now leave, my friend,

because if you knew

that by the way, my friend,

I fell in love with you.

If ever there is a time

when you are finally free,

could you look inside your heart

with the hope of finding me?


You branded me an outcast,

so I lurk amongst the shadows,

and all that lies between here and your imagination.

You don’t feel more than a chill,

and the only doubt you have within you

is if a window was left open as your body tries to

hold onto its heat.

I seep beyond what you see and feel as your mind

tries to break free and distract you from the sound

of my cries.

I hunger for a piece of your soul and being ignored

is not part of my charm.

As you soothe your spirit with a little music,

I entwine myself within the arranging sounds,

and the very thought of is me born into your


Every moment I am there capturing

another dimension where this love will go forth in


You will not escape me.