A Mid-afternoon Tryst

Sunlight dances through the tree top.
The catch is so worth the fall.
The sprinkles of light never seem to stop.
I feel powerless underneath something so tall.
My face glistens like a million stars
high above in the endless sky.
Lost within a tightly closed jar–
the spirit of a firefly.
I have chosen to hide out.
I have decided to stay away.
This firefly will not find a spout
to cleanse her spirit today.
Sunlight dances passed the tree top,
and I will ignore the evening’s call.
Even the moonlight won’t make it stop–
this painful pleasure of a lover’s fall.

As I watched you kiss me,

I felt as though

I was swimming at the edge

Of a reflecting pool

Made for our souls

But I don’t know if that

Was the beginning or

The end of our time

And all of my au revoir’s

Can regretfully change

To adieu.

I feel you fading

Like the fog upon

A morning window.

You break me down


Shaking and crying.

And now it is if you’re gone


For a friend

Have you ever loved someone

although they didn’t care?

Have you ever felt like crying

but knew you’d get nowhere?

Have you ever gazed into their eyes

and said a little prayer?

Have you ever peeked into their hearts

and wished that you were there?

Have you ever felt their heartbeat,

when the sun was setting low?

Have you ever whispered “God, I love You”

but you couldn’t let it show?

They say love is grand,

but it tends to make you cry.

Between love and death,

I’d rather choose to die.

So do not fall in love, my friend,

it doesn’t pay a dime.

It only winds up breaking hearts,

and it happens all the time.

I’m afraid I must now leave, my friend,

because if you knew

that by the way, my friend,

I fell in love with you.

If ever there is a time

when you are finally free,

could you look inside your heart

with the hope of finding me?


You branded me an outcast,

so I lurk amongst the shadows,

and all that lies between here and your imagination.

You don’t feel more than a chill,

and the only doubt you have within you

is if a window was left open as your body tries to

hold onto its heat.

I seep beyond what you see and feel as your mind

tries to break free and distract you from the sound

of my cries.

I hunger for a piece of your soul and being ignored

is not part of my charm.

As you soothe your spirit with a little music,

I entwine myself within the arranging sounds,

and the very thought of is me born into your


Every moment I am there capturing

another dimension where this love will go forth in


You will not escape me.

raw, love’s dirty demise

The night flies through me like vast nothingness

And I feel every second go by without you

I have been carrying around this emptiness

As it captures all that is left that was true

You were my everything

A whole lot of something

A world of sorrow surrounds me

My love for you is what grounds me

The night fades to a picture of a new day

Another useless one where we cannot touch

I keep to myself and others stay away

My memories of you really mean so much

We live in a world of lies

If love is so good

How come it always dies?

Why am I misunderstood?

I have come clean and feel so dirty

I have not come clean at all

I will try not to let anyone hurt me

I will never allow myself to fall

(For anyone else but you)

Forever in absentia and back again

I am breaking the


and letting you know my heart

You feel my soul

pulling towards yours

and in the night

we struggle to comprehend

that which the soul knows

and trusts

Yet hearts are often bruised, bludgeoned

over mistaking a soul’s fulfillment

leaping out, reaching further,

frantic dancing of a soul’s delight

recognize the motion

as I have

I’ve loved you always

and you finally found me

so strip me down

exposing the purpose

The union of our souls

brings light to our darkened hearts

I will make you happy

and chain your heart to mine

should you decide

to love me back


You left me breathlessly hanging onto the aura of our kiss.

It’s lived 1000 lives,

and I felt all of them.

So here I am,

clawing at your soul,

but you cannot feel me…

or can you?

I wonder,

in the moments that lie between us,

is the love still real,

living its life

wandering aimlessly through eternity?

What binds us together

can dissolve all those lives

that one kiss has lived,

if this passion we share

doesn’t learn the intricate pace

of the long walk to forever.

Do you hope to hold me?

The fear is in the asking,

as with love, it’s hope

that I yearn for you.