Angel: A Valediction upon the eve of your feather-shedding 11/26/91

Tonight you’ll soar

higher than the rain clouds

that have grayed your day.

And slowly,

but surely,

each and every feather you’ve been donning

will take you to new heights.

Maybe one or two you’ve left behind,

will set the stage in my mind,

and I’ll know, as I did a year ago,

that letting you free

was an easier task

than letting you go on loving me.

Tonight those feathers left behind

are all the thoughts making sense in my mind.

Your abandoned plume makes me sad,

but it’s the only tangible reminder of what we had,

of what we did,

of how you shared,

of how I hid my love for you

within the pages of my book.

My unread treasure,

the one I feared you’d find.

The words rarely spoken upon my mind.

Still so true,

this love for you.

My God, these feathers,

they belong to you.

Tonight, Dear Sweet,

please don’t give the rest away.

Don’t leave behind…

don’t let love stay…

in her arms…