I am not mad

I feel a tap on my shoulder

And the exhausting earth stands still

I feel the heat of his touch

Sear my soul

I am mad

He is all I have wanted

But he is younger

I lust for his lips

And drink him in when I can

When he wraps his arms around me

The sweet smell of him

Seductively swirls around me

And he is in me

In my veins

Upon my lips

And I want him inside me

Righting all my wrongs

Until he feels he’s found my soul

which he had branded simply with a touch

And I am mad

Because he can so have all of me

The times in my life I wanted to give

Yet I withheld all I was out of fear

He has never made me afraid

To express my desires

But I never expected this to happen

So I am mad

That it is here

Without warning

The tap on my shoulder

Makes the weary world disappear

I am not mad

I am simply falling….