Another for you…

I have cried myself to sleep all week

The punishment for the sorrowful meek

The starlight gleams through the window pane

But the morning will come all the same

And I will still feel your hand in mine

A first for me, through all of time

I felt the heat in your eyes and I knew

that I needed to be with you and only you

My skin feels like it crawls upon the dry dirt

Finding my way through the anger and hurt

The long road through forever is lonely now

But my feelings won’t ever change, this I vow

So find me in twenty years and see

If another chance you want to take with me

The stars in the heavens don’t shine for this love

And by the looks of things I see you have had enough

I truly felt I was with my soul mate

And now I know it is far too late

To take back all the anger I had caused

To take back all the time that was paused

Upon your journey to being a better man

I suppose I was the glitch in that plan

And sorry is all I can feel tonight

As this love won’t fade beneath the starlight.