Please don’t drown this Love

At the cold edge of the river

And the night is shining on

Reflecting the lives of the people

In the towers nearby

Do they know I am alone

Out here and crying

As they sleep or eat or work

In this night

I am the one looking for a moment

Of hope and light

By this river

That tells me that I can only see

Darkness in the water

And love that escapes my grasp

I kick at it

And skim rocks upon it

And the hope fades

As I sit by the edge

Counting the ripples

With the assistance of the light

From the towers where people

Live or work

And I wonder if they know

That the lights they are casting

Upon the water

Help me see that tomorrow

Will be as dark as this night

And as heavy as the rocks

I have skimmed

That sank before I could say

“Please don’t drown this love.”