I’m alone
and the night’s about to unfold
wish I had you to hold
because I feel the magic fading
and my arms are desperately waiting

I’m in tears
and the time has just flown by
as I sit here and cry
because I feel the magic fading
broken promises are so complicating

But where are you now?
Just take a bow
The act was so good
or I misunderstood
this junk for love
I finally think that I have had enough…

4:23 am

Who frees you
when you are locked up inside
Who needs you
with your hands untied
The pilot light of my heart
is fading
With the notion of an inferno
I’m masquerading
Who feeds you
with the bread of sustaining
Who leads you
through the dark when it’s raining
I’m the only one for you
Tell me you know it’s true

To Shame

the creaking of the door
sneaking back in at four
tearing us in two
never reaching out for you
it’s putting this love to shame

will we ache from old age together
or say goodbye to forever
will the yearning in the night
end what started out as right
we’re putting this love to shame

I see you toss and turn in your sleep
so gently you start to weep
and put this love away
before the dawn of the new day
you’re putting me to shame

alone in the night
I know it’s not right
but you’re left waiting
heartbroken and anticipating
I’m putting you to shame

I want to wrap myself in your geography
and make you forget the insecurity
but the night has changed to day
and hope just slips away
this love has been put to shame


Love on the rocks

High above the tide

Crash course taking me down

Through the darkness inside

The crowds are gone

It’s that time of year

The beach looks lonely now

and the path is clear

I see what you’ve done to me

Because I let you in

I want to feel alive but don’t know how

To let my life to begin

Love on the rocks

Time to set it free

Not going to be hanging around

Don’t need a life jacket on me

Drunken love sickness

I found a message in a bottle late one summer night.

It said ‘Trust in this love, and everything will feel right.’

Within the space between each tick of the clock

Love fades away like the tide from the desolate shore.

Brazenly, I was thinking my heart found a dock,

But I’m stumbling, and you won’t hold my hand anymore.

When this love was born it began a life of its own.

At ease like the stars wrapped in the warm night air,

Simple yet beautiful, something I’d never known,

I got lost in your eyes and their intense stare.

So the love wandered off between each beat of my heart.

I’ve found no message in a bottle since we’ve been apart.

If I had a Birthday Cake

If I had a birthday cake,

I would offer the wish to you.

I had a star in the sky,

I’d hope your wish came true.

I just want you to be sated,

And if that means without me,

I would still offer my wishes to you,

And sadly set you free.

I wished with all my might

That you would love me every night.

I am wishing in every way

That you will return to me someday.

You gave me no choice,

I had to set you free.

I long to hear your voice,

But foolish pride has taken over me.

I wrote this to let you know

My feelings they are true.

It wasn’t easy letting you go.

I’ll spend forever missing you.

If I had a birthday cake,

I would wish with all my might,

That no matter how long it takes,

We would finally make things right.

Nobody’s Whore

I was aloof and cold to the bone

And love didn’t come near my heart

You found me sitting alone

My trepidations were about to start

I had something like never before

I could see by the look in your eyes

You would rock me to my core

All my feelings came as a surprise

But I don’t mind

The pain is worth knowing

Sorry you didn’t find

What I wasn’t showing

I have a heart

And you broke it

I knew it from the start

So you can choke it

That’s right

I’m going to eventually forget you

And I might

One day swear my feelings weren’t true

I’ll go back to being aloof and cold

Nobody will break my heart once more

Of course I’ll die alone and old

But certainly not your whore!

In The Kingdom of One

In the kingdom of one,

I was enslaved as my own serf.

I didn’t even recognize myself

When you found me.

Without warning,

You were thrust upon my world,

And everything about me was gone.

I felt nothing but an ache for your soul.

You grooved amongst my universe,

And I was lit from within

By all that valor and chivalry

Streaming from the land of the knights

So long ago.

All our jousting tore through my rusted armor,

And I was naked and set free

Because I had you


The real me.

The Truth

I was lost when you found me

stirring alone

Like a breeze, vacant and cold.

I was between love and indifference

When you tapped my shoulder.

I thought it was rather bold.

I got lost when you found me,

In your eyes.

They are so intense.

I got scared when I felt you.

Love doesn’t make sense.

So now I am lost,

Stirring alone,

Looking vacant and cold

As that place between love and indiffernce.

I’m harboring the truth.

It is rather bold.

I still love you.

I am having a hard time

I am having a hard time.

I don’t want to run into you,

Or think about you,

Or pass by your place.

I am having a hard time.

I don’t want to be sad,

Or get sick to my stomach,

Or feel tears on my face.

I am having a hard time.

I just want to smile again,

And be at ease,

And find my inner grace.

The end of our affair

Has taken its toll on me.

I fell in love, I swear.

I am not the girl I used to be.

Although my heart is frail,

It will mend in time,

Grow empty and stale,

Still, it’ll be mine.