Love and Everything After

I was looking from above you,

And I was amazed at what I had found.

I was hearing every whimper,

Although you never made a sound.

I saw it in your eyesight.

You had stared beyond my eyes.

Someplace you tried to uncover,

My ugly truth from your plain lies.

Having you that close

Meant the world to me.

You made me feel complete,

And you set my soul free.

There exists a smaller crypt

Inside your sacred tomb.

The pyramids of Egypt,

And the prison that is you.

Sometimes when we were near

that sacredness faded out,

and in its place went fear,

mistrust, and some doubt.

We failed to put it all behind us

to feel that love we’d make

blended our souls together.

Yet now I know your love was fake.

I am looking from above you,

And I hope someday you’ll see,

The dead girl’s love was true

The dead girl, that is me….


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