I was hoping to calmly figure us out

Resolved within my fear and doubt

Gentle breeze and moonlight streams

but this love forces my sobs and screams

Beneath ten thousand shining stars

I’m forced to reveal my many scars

With a heavy heart and a tearful sigh

I hide the truth as I begin to cry

Fear not my lonesome, mournful heart

I’ve pledged my soul from the start

It drifts alone like the winter rain

An emblem of this constant pain

It loses itself amongst the tombs in town

Where it’s silent and still after the sun sets down

But I feel no consolation with such lonely shame

For upon a headstone inscribed your name

Oh wake me from this ruined sleep

Cannot you hear my woeful weep?

I won’t wait until we’re at death’s door

To confess I love you and to cry no more.