We are all gods….

Everything you put out there is your own little creation. It could be a work of art, a child, words of hate or love, a piece of advice, your first kiss, or your last. Once it is out there, it is out there, living a life of its own. Unless you trap it, like a firefly…never letting it move beyond your clasp.

I imagine a kiss…the very first one shared with the former love of my life. It was so sweet and perfect. I didn’t know then that he was not just my boyfriend, but had another girlfriend in Milwaukee where his mom lived. The kiss, ruined by his deceit, still travels through time and space, but I wonder if it is playful or yearning, biting, or barely there, lingering on, wistful through all elements in space, time, and magic. I know, I think way too much about things that should be so simple as just to be.

I feel we are gods in our own right. We create everyday and what we have done doesn’t just end right there. A thought lingers on, a child lives, art gets recognition.

Heed my words here: hold all you do and say, live and breathe, create and obtain with respect because it lives on once it is out there, and someday it just may come back to you in the form of a memory or even a smile or a simple thank you. The life that anything you create lives on once it is out of your clasp, is a part of the elements living a life of its own, even if that life is purely within your imagination….now, just consider my words, and and go ahead and set your mind on fire with the possibility of a little bit of pure power.

When I leave this place, I will still be here haunting the lives of those who hurt me. I am a funny girl. A spunky girl. Nobody really knew what to expect from me, and I could never live up to those expectations anyway. I made my way through time and it has been a long and lonely ride for this lightning bug.  I was mocked for every single thing about me. I was misunerstood and not welcomed here. I took my own path but all that was done and said about me was too stifling….I felt trapped within an air-tight jar…see the world, but never really get to touch it.  I would much prefer something comfortable, so be careful what you do, say, create, because it can easily kill the glow of the firefly.