If I had a Birthday Cake

If I had a birthday cake,

I would offer the wish to you.

I had a star in the sky,

I’d hope your wish came true.

I just want you to be sated,

And if that means without me,

I would still offer my wishes to you,

And sadly set you free.

I wished with all my might

That you would love me every night.

I am wishing in every way

That you will return to me someday.

You gave me no choice,

I had to set you free.

I long to hear your voice,

But foolish pride has taken over me.

I wrote this to let you know

My feelings they are true.

It wasn’t easy letting you go.

I’ll spend forever missing you.

If I had a birthday cake,

I would wish with all my might,

That no matter how long it takes,

We would finally make things right.