New Year’s Eve

Cross my heart

Hope to die

Because if I do

I’ll end this lie

I’m in constant pain

Without you near

Can’t bear to feel

Another year

You can’t listen

I cry everyday

You’ve gone on with your life

In the usual way

I’ve crossed my heart

And on New Year’s Eve

As the clock strikes twelve

This life I’ll leave

They’ll find me broken

The lie will end

I wasn’t over you

My heart didn’t mend

My love, I will be gone

But who will grieve

On such a joyful night

New Year’s Eve


Come love me

This love was not a fairytale

The kind that binds two souls

No, this one has grown stale

We stand at opposite poles


We let it languish on out there

Alone in night

So that it just couldn’t bear

The lack of light


What do you find in your heart

When love has no direction

And it is easy to tear apart

Without feeding it some affection


It will bind

You will see

Change your mind

Come love me




Our love is not a lie

The trees are harboring death’s secrets

As the months go by without you and me

I was once smiling and content

But now I am unsatisfied as can be

Because the patina that coats my soul

Is fading from green into gray

And what is left upon my everything

Will fade as night does into day

I ache for you

My soul yearns for your love

The air that exists between us

Will never be enough

I so long to feel you

Please touch what you imagine is real

The bond that lasts in between us

Isn’t dead by what I feel

No, I don’t care what the trees have hinted

Please don’t mind what time has slipped away

I don’t want to be a casualty of love

I know you will come back to me someday

Our love’s alive

I know

Our love is not a lie…

The Magic of the Rain

I used to stay awake

And hold you in my arms

With so much doubt

You seemed ethereal

But the magic of the rain

Washed away what lies amongst

The bindings of the heart and soul

I couldn’t feel the warmth

Of the light you brought

And in my weary head

You were never mine

Then the rain cleared my eyes

And I set you free

Or maybe you just left

To be happy on your own

But the magic of the rain

Faded away your love

Between every drop against my window

So each night I cry myself to sleep

And dream of you

Goodbye Again

Cleanse the souls

And shed that unknown

Little something

That would expand

And contract

amongst our bodies

We lacked strength

And time either builds

Or takes away

A good supply

But we had very little time


We misunderstood

The words

Lacked solid meaning

And what lies between

The truth and consequences

Were the actions

That were not enough

To sustain what little we shared

And I will miss the texts

And the drinks

And the looks

We shamelessly


And now we lather

And rinse

And repeat

No more.

a world of lies

We live in a world of lies

Where love habitually dies

I tried to hang on

But you gave me nothing to hold

Tonight I am gone

Because this emptiness feels cold

I needed to warm the space

Between love and what we’d do

Maybe another time or place

Is all we need to see it through

But right now there you are

Lying away and breaking my heart

Which is why we didn’t get far

Honesty was needed from the start

Love gets lost in lies

The beginning of many goodbyes

Words and Lies

No words nor lies
Can describe this desolate fall
A season of endings, a season for death
Two paths for the taking
A single wall in between
Like here and there
Love and indifference
Some things are meant to be
Some are meant to be set free

A heart stuck amongst the falling leaves
From a love story unfound
The book wasn’t written
My hands aren’t bound
My eyes aren’t locked in

On a lover with intense eyes
Who is holding me down

And kissing me fiercely

And making me shake

And building a love

We no longer make
The damp, dreary echoes of a cold heart
The frozen memories of how we were torn apart
A story never spoken, never told
And all that’s left of my stability

Barely lingers inside of me
My heart I saw bleeding on the floor

Before it hardened to stone
I had scrawled self-hatred upon my arms
I was so cold, so alone
Nothing has sealed the cracks within this stone-cold heart
My sanity screams that I knew love before

And how quickly that passion grew
But we boarded up that door
So love can’t walk back through
And without you I feel like I’m going crazy

Words and lies

Won’t change me

I want to believe in them all

But never again during the fall

sitting by an autumn fire

Tell the world that I am alive

And tell the world that I’m alone

Tell them all that I loved you

Just tell them about me

Before it’s too late

I don’t want to feel this way

I think I am misunderstood

I just want to feel connected

But my batteries are going dead

And I can’t hurry things along

If you are reading this

Please know that I am losing the fight

Because time went too fast for me

Moments were like lifetimes

And I let them play out

You must be my mouthpiece

I am too weak now

But still here

Hoping that this one last ember

Will become a fire

archaic dungeon

I cried for the third time today

Embattled with what feels like an eternal ache


My soul doesn’t recognize this body

It doesn’t want to be here



Do I set it free today

And watch me wither away

In the crimson tide

Or drive to the shore tonight

And wander into the murk

The swampland of my existence

Is dragging me down

And my soul longs to find peace

And beauty

But here in my life

There is nothing light

The darkness has conquered my everything

So I seek to aid my soul

Let it bloom away from this swampland

Which everybody looks upon with disdain

I am all alone

I am the one with the sad soul eyes

Come find me

Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in time I will be happy again

And be released from the binds of emptiness

My heart ached as I passed by your place today

I know I left something behind there

My love for you

In your bed

The place where you didn’t notice

That you had the real me

When you gazed into my eyes

With your sexy, smoky, bed-me-down stare

My heart aches because it’s vacant

The love, it restlessly tosses and turns

And I wonder why you don’t feel it

But you will remember it

Somewhere in time

I saw your van in it’s usual spot

And tonight I was at the movie theater

Where you first felt all of me in that van

I couldn’t help myself that night

Your eyes captivated me right through my soul

When you were inside me

I came to life again

I am sorry that I wasn’t enough for you

Through the turmoil of my darkest days

I learned that love comes back again

In an instant

For a moment

In a memory

In life we live to love again and again

And I know you will feel my love

If only for a moment

Somewhere in time.