This Love isn’t right for me

The afternoon crawls upon the floor

Like an old cat’s existence.

I shake my head

And wonder where the morning had gone.

My inner child laughs at me.

What’s time when you have all day?

The burden of love

Wrapped around me like an itchy angora sweater,

Tickling me softly and making me nervous.

It has to go.

I am not wearing something that isn’t mine.

The day lingers on,

And I am stuck between moments

Where fear and hope collide.

And the time, while it should speed up,

Slows and makes me over-think

How love makes me lose sight of me,

And makes me feel trapped within a private world

Where I cannot find my real self because I’m wrong,

All so wrong for him and I have to act right.

Acting right isn’t being right.

It is as wrong as the afternoon crawling on the floor.

Get up and get out.

Time marches on and love fades away.