All Over

You’re all over my heart.

It was real from the start.

The rain dances upon the river,

And the melody carries on to the ocean.

The stars shine upon the love of lovers

With unspoken emotion.

Why do we have to be apart?

We lost sight early on.

Did you plan to steal my heart,

And in a moment be gone?

The ticking of clock,

And the time in between

Of what’s left from here to there,

I am about to come clean.

You had the best of me

Although you never knew.

I covered myself completely

Because you’d see right through.

Emotions run too deep.

I feared the truth would seep

Upon a hardened heart

And now we’re apart

And I blamed it all on you.

The coolness bled right though.

Too cool to even care,

I got lost in your stare.

But how could I conceive,

The notion to believe

That what I had was true?

This love was shared by me and you.

I will die a lonely fool

For breaking my heart’s rule,

To let someone simply love me.

Please let the stars above me

Give light to my darkened heart.

Why can’t we just start…

All over again?


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