Beyond the shadows of lost love

We grieve for the dead

Upon the moment of passing

The world feels cold and empty

When gone is a life

This love had a life

And now it rots away in my heart

The coffin of a love no more

I’ve burried it

And act like it was never here

But in the night

I’ve got nothing but time

And so I think about the moment

Our love unraveled

Because it was so frail

Like an old Spode china plate

But we dropped it

And cannot glue it back together

It lost its value

And we can’t retract what’s been said

And undo what’s been done

So it rots inside my heart

And withers away between each beat

Someday a new love will sprout

Out from the darkness of this space

With the memory of the life

Our love once lived

And serve as a lesson

To handle with care

I won’t feel cold and empty again