Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in time I will be happy again

And be released from the binds of emptiness

My heart ached as I passed by your place today

I know I left something behind there

My love for you

In your bed

The place where you didn’t notice

That you had the real me

When you gazed into my eyes

With your sexy, smoky, bed-me-down stare

My heart aches because it’s vacant

The love, it restlessly tosses and turns

And I wonder why you don’t feel it

But you will remember it

Somewhere in time

I saw your van in it’s usual spot

And tonight I was at the movie theater

Where you first felt all of me in that van

I couldn’t help myself that night

Your eyes captivated me right through my soul

When you were inside me

I came to life again

I am sorry that I wasn’t enough for you

Through the turmoil of my darkest days

I learned that love comes back again

In an instant

For a moment

In a memory

In life we live to love again and again

And I know you will feel my love

If only for a moment

Somewhere in time.