Words and Lies

No words nor lies
Can describe this desolate fall
A season of endings, a season for death
Two paths for the taking
A single wall in between
Like here and there
Love and indifference
Some things are meant to be
Some are meant to be set free

A heart stuck amongst the falling leaves
From a love story unfound
The book wasn’t written
My hands aren’t bound
My eyes aren’t locked in

On a lover with intense eyes
Who is holding me down

And kissing me fiercely

And making me shake

And building a love

We no longer make
The damp, dreary echoes of a cold heart
The frozen memories of how we were torn apart
A story never spoken, never told
And all that’s left of my stability

Barely lingers inside of me
My heart I saw bleeding on the floor

Before it hardened to stone
I had scrawled self-hatred upon my arms
I was so cold, so alone
Nothing has sealed the cracks within this stone-cold heart
My sanity screams that I knew love before

And how quickly that passion grew
But we boarded up that door
So love can’t walk back through
And without you I feel like I’m going crazy

Words and lies

Won’t change me

I want to believe in them all

But never again during the fall

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