New Year’s Eve

Cross my heart

Hope to die

Because if I do

I’ll end this lie

I’m in constant pain

Without you near

Can’t bear to feel

Another year

You can’t listen

I cry everyday

You’ve gone on with your life

In the usual way

I’ve crossed my heart

And on New Year’s Eve

As the clock strikes twelve

This life I’ll leave

They’ll find me broken

The lie will end

I wasn’t over you

My heart didn’t mend

My love, I will be gone

But who will grieve

On such a joyful night

New Year’s Eve


10 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. sorry you are going thru this..believe me i know..wishing you and the kids a happy holiday season..hope your new years dream comsees true

  2. thanx for thanking me..y/w…i’d give you the same advice you once gave me..go to that persons home with a boom box and some peter gabriel!! lol i really hope stuff turns around for you…it sux…this i will continue to elude me as well..i just accept it and look in the mirror content with what i am…helps me get thru D, E, and J.. not jill

  3. nah nothing ever works for me..i texted ya last night thought maybe you could use a beer..u didn’t answer..if you’d like to do that lemme know otherwise happy holiday

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