Our love is not a lie

The trees are harboring death’s secrets

As the months go by without you and me

I was once smiling and content

But now I am unsatisfied as can be

Because the patina that coats my soul

Is fading from green into gray

And what is left upon my everything

Will fade as night does into day

I ache for you

My soul yearns for your love

The air that exists between us

Will never be enough

I so long to feel you

Please touch what you imagine is real

The bond that lasts in between us

Isn’t dead by what I feel

No, I don’t care what the trees have hinted

Please don’t mind what time has slipped away

I don’t want to be a casualty of love

I know you will come back to me someday

Our love’s alive

I know

Our love is not a lie…