Beyond the shadows of lost love

We grieve for the dead

Upon the moment of passing

The world feels cold and empty

When gone is a life

This love had a life

And now it rots away in my heart

The coffin of a love no more

I’ve burried it

And act like it was never here

But in the night

I’ve got nothing but time

And so I think about the moment

Our love unraveled

Because it was so frail

Like an old Spode china plate

But we dropped it

And cannot glue it back together

It lost its value

And we can’t retract what’s been said

And undo what’s been done

So it rots inside my heart

And withers away between each beat

Someday a new love will sprout

Out from the darkness of this space

With the memory of the life

Our love once lived

And serve as a lesson

To handle with care

I won’t feel cold and empty again

All Over

You’re all over my heart.

It was real from the start.

The rain dances upon the river,

And the melody carries on to the ocean.

The stars shine upon the love of lovers

With unspoken emotion.

Why do we have to be apart?

We lost sight early on.

Did you plan to steal my heart,

And in a moment be gone?

The ticking of clock,

And the time in between

Of what’s left from here to there,

I am about to come clean.

You had the best of me

Although you never knew.

I covered myself completely

Because you’d see right through.

Emotions run too deep.

I feared the truth would seep

Upon a hardened heart

And now we’re apart

And I blamed it all on you.

The coolness bled right though.

Too cool to even care,

I got lost in your stare.

But how could I conceive,

The notion to believe

That what I had was true?

This love was shared by me and you.

I will die a lonely fool

For breaking my heart’s rule,

To let someone simply love me.

Please let the stars above me

Give light to my darkened heart.

Why can’t we just start…

All over again?

Love Forfeited

What did you do to heal that broken heart?

I can’t rely on time.

What did you tell yourself once we were apart?

Clearly, you were never mine.

Time has a way of masking a lovers’ love,

But when you were looking from above

You saw the real me.

The look in your eyes set me free,

But I mistook your stare.

We could never go there,

To the place where trust is born,

In the space between happy and forlorn.

Our love was so raw and new,

But abandoned because it wasn’t right for you.

I guess I am glad that you are fine.

I’m still here, wishing you were mine.

What happened on this scary night?

I put my broken heart underneath a spotlight.

I’m alone,

Clutching my phone.

It’s true,

I’m wishing for a call from you.

I don’t want to be alone on this night.

My broken heart blacks out the starlight.

What happens when I run into you again?

I won’t pretend like you were just an old friend.

I don’t want to feel the fire in your eyes,

And hear you speak with a mouth full of crushing lies.

Can’t you see that you’re hurting me?

On this scary night, I should look to end the misery.

Does a broken heart ever fully mend?

The tricks, the treats, and the torture seem to never end.

This Love isn’t right for me

The afternoon crawls upon the floor

Like an old cat’s existence.

I shake my head

And wonder where the morning had gone.

My inner child laughs at me.

What’s time when you have all day?

The burden of love

Wrapped around me like an itchy angora sweater,

Tickling me softly and making me nervous.

It has to go.

I am not wearing something that isn’t mine.

The day lingers on,

And I am stuck between moments

Where fear and hope collide.

And the time, while it should speed up,

Slows and makes me over-think

How love makes me lose sight of me,

And makes me feel trapped within a private world

Where I cannot find my real self because I’m wrong,

All so wrong for him and I have to act right.

Acting right isn’t being right.

It is as wrong as the afternoon crawling on the floor.

Get up and get out.

Time marches on and love fades away.