The Versatile Blogger Award

I wanted to say thank you to Joanna for nominating me. I hope to gain more followers and to follow more blogs because of this nomination.

Okay here are the rules on how to nominate and get awarded:

1. Thank the award giver and link back to them in your post

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading

4. Contact your bloggers to let them know about the award

So here are 7 things about me:

1. I like to write poems and short erotic stories

2. I have 3 kids and a Jack Russell Terrier

3. I am afraid of the dark and things that go BUMP in the night

4. My broken heart let’s me know I am still alive, therefore I put a positive spin on the negative.

5. I enjoy reading and recently bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games Trilogy (since both have been made into movies with the latter will be released this March) and must get to reading them ASAP

6. I collect blue-and-white transfer plates

7. I love to laugh and often ask people to make me laugh because it feels so good

Now I will nominate 15 other bloggers whose blogs I really do enjoy.

David Archer, Scott Mitchell , Eric Alagan, Angela, Today’s Poetry, donnamarielee, Poetry Maddness, Betty Hayes Albright ,medusamoon, jonathongoldberg, Bluesander, DarKarsean, sorealtonight, clownponders

You all deserve the nomination….Happy New Year!!!


watching you

Watched you be sexy

With your bed-me-down eyes

Watched you be a man

How I’d fantasize

Watch you be lonely

I’m not afraid

Watch you be heartbroken

Forsaken, betrayed

I could watch you do anything

During our time

But you left me lifeless

You committed a crime

I didn’t know

You felt that way

The fire in your eyes

Was anger and rage

Watch you be lonely

Locked up for good

While I’m buried in dirt

In a box made of wood



Back on the cold river’s edge

And the night weighs heavily like a damp shawl

You don’t know how lonely I feel

Or how I shed the facade during the long haul

Here I am stripped down

Humble and hapless, my purpose, shown

I ache for your warm embrace

The depth of this love must now be known

The towers that line the water

Cast shadows darker than the dungeon of your heart

A flickering of light dances upon what seems opaque

I catch a glimpse of my breath as I begin to come apart

Shivering and fighting back the tears

Pieces of my soul drift away to find you

As the whispers of white disappear

I’m hoping something will remind you

That I love you and always will.

Will you kill this love?

The gloom of winter will fade

Nature colors what it grayed

The birds again will sing

But will I be listening

Left behind a puddle lingers

The chill of guilt’s icy fingers

Left upon me all exposed

Alone and unclothed

Waiting for your return

Salty tears, the wounds burn

So should this love loiter here

Without you being near

I will hold tight your lies

When they come to close my eyes


The Christmas Chill

Beneath the curtain of late autumn’s rage,

I taste the breath of winter.

The rose is dead, the leaves are beige,

The branches, shreds of a splinter.

The shadows cast, are long and dark,

The frost that sprawls, so stings me,

It’s icy fingers chase away the lark,

And feed the sadness within me.


Amongst the sorrow of the night,

In the chill of winter’s call,

The sky is vast with much light,

The moon, a sliver of a ball.

Trapped within a memory still,

You are free to break my heart.

Tears, down my face they spill,

No stopping what you start.


Lost and lonely and harshly cold,

I am but a forgotten dream.

Yet through my pain I am told

Things are but what they seem.

Winter will be soon with all its might,

But last I saw you had a warm glow.

That if I should see you on Christmas night,

Please wrap yourself up with a bow.


I want to meld your lips with mine,

And nourish the love I still feel.

Touch the heavens, you are divine.

Lord, let the vision be real.

For shall I wake to find you gone,

A Christmas wish I’d give you:

Should this heartbreak linger on,

For my death I will forgive you.


Stone Cold

I’d rather feel the chill of the season’s wrath

Than the agglomerate of covers over me

This blanketing is nagging me

About how I cannot have your arms around me

Tonight, the light flickering from the sky

Reminds me of the night we tried to watch a movie

But wound up making love instead

I’m in no rush to find a replacement

For you

I’ll shiver in the coldness

Appreciate the stars lighting up the night

And fall asleep dreaming of you

Keeping me warm with desire for all eternity

Until we meet again

When they bury you next to me

You have yet to visit me here

My love

A lucid moment in the madness of this love

The sky is all we share,

Dreaming underneath the same lucent stars,

And wishing that you’d care,

As the heavenly bodies reflect off the zooming cars,

And cast light on who we are and where we’ve been.

Months have passed that we’ve spent apart,

And yet I secretly wish you’ll let me back in

To my home in your heart.

It’s been a bitter mistake.

I can’t drink it down, the taste of broken.

I fantasize about the love we’d make,

But I keep my love for you unspoken.

The sound of you,

Of your heart beating…

Your soul, mine reached to,

And still languishes for a warm greeting.

I’ve been trying to find happiness before our painful split.

I tell myself not to get hopeful and feel so at ease,

But the sky tonight is so generously lit,

And I yearn to feel your lips skim mine, if only just a tease.

The whispering of our lives until this night

Has been so quiet below the sparkle of the sky.

I long to consume the substance of right,

And if you should love me may that love never die.

Please take: a lover’s note to a past love

Please take the time to forget the bad,

And always remember the fun that we had.

In your arms I felt so warm,

And behind your eyes was a beautiful storm.

I was too shy to look up at you,

You seemed too good for a girl like me.

Then all my fears came true,

Because you needed to set me free.

Please take what I can’t bear,

It was yours after all.

It’s true but so unfair,

That the higher the climb, the harder the fall.

Your heart is hardened where I’m concerned.

You held me close and let me go.

This is just another lesson I’ve learned,

I’ve studied and I finally know

That love eludes me,

And nothing is going to get through to you,

And that includes me.

So you’ll never know that my love was true.

I’m cold and distant now,

Guarding my heart from more pain,

Harboring feelings for you somehow.

I wish them gone since it’s all in vain.

Please take back your past kindness,

And should you ever find this,

Please take me back, too.

Goodbye, Mother

If they scraped me from your womb

My life wouldn’t have to end with a boom

Bang bang holy cow

Vein slicing painful ow

I would have been medical waste

Instead of heartbroken and disgraced

Just letting you know, mother

Having a bad day like every other

I am freaking striking out of this life

I’m caught between blood and more strife

If they vacuum extracted me

I wouldn’t be the failure I turned out to be

So I’ll quit here with a bang bang holy cow

Vein slicing painful ow

Of a distant and bone-chilling heartless goodbye

The moments between my pain outnumber the tears you’ll cry


I fell in love against my strong will

I promise I love you still

You broke my heart

Tore us apart

Wishing you loved me still

Wishing you loved me still

You invaded my personal space

We were always face to face

You hugged my fears away

Are they back to stay?

Wishing you’d hold me still

Wishing you’d hold me still

The air that stands between here and there

Is all that is left that we still share

A gentle breeze upon my skin

And I am lit from within

Wishing you wanted me still

Wishing you wanted me still

But a wish is a dark star

Compared to a promise, by far

It could never be

Nothing is left for you and me

Wishing you were gone from my heart

Wishing you were gone from my heart