Goodbye, Mother

If they scraped me from your womb

My life wouldn’t have to end with a boom

Bang bang holy cow

Vein slicing painful ow

I would have been medical waste

Instead of heartbroken and disgraced

Just letting you know, mother

Having a bad day like every other

I am freaking striking out of this life

I’m caught between blood and more strife

If they vacuum extracted me

I wouldn’t be the failure I turned out to be

So I’ll quit here with a bang bang holy cow

Vein slicing painful ow

Of a distant and bone-chilling heartless goodbye

The moments between my pain outnumber the tears you’ll cry


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mother

  1. Your poem conveys so much pain to me, that it resonates through my heart. I often seek time travel to heal my wounds but never have gone as far back to conception or at least a few weeks beyond as you have. I hope whatever pains you will release its grip on you and allow you to inhales a fresh perspective and a new hope.

  2. Thanks….cathartic poem about my place in my family…I am the failure, the black sheep, the one who will never be as great as my brother…no matter how old I am, it still hurts…my mom will always love him and despise me. Writing about it, purging it, seems to help for a bit.

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