A lucid moment in the madness of this love

The sky is all we share,

Dreaming underneath the same lucent stars,

And wishing that you’d care,

As the heavenly bodies reflect off the zooming cars,

And cast light on who we are and where we’ve been.

Months have passed that we’ve spent apart,

And yet I secretly wish you’ll let me back in

To my home in your heart.

It’s been a bitter mistake.

I can’t drink it down, the taste of broken.

I fantasize about the love we’d make,

But I keep my love for you unspoken.

The sound of you,

Of your heart beating…

Your soul, mine reached to,

And still languishes for a warm greeting.

I’ve been trying to find happiness before our painful split.

I tell myself not to get hopeful and feel so at ease,

But the sky tonight is so generously lit,

And I yearn to feel your lips skim mine, if only just a tease.

The whispering of our lives until this night

Has been so quiet below the sparkle of the sky.

I long to consume the substance of right,

And if you should love me may that love never die.

2 thoughts on “A lucid moment in the madness of this love

  1. I love your writing…..it can evoke anger,pity,sadness,happiness and regret….I so look forward to your thoughts…people do appreciate your candor..here is wishing you health and happiness in the coming year.

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