Please take: a lover’s note to a past love

Please take the time to forget the bad,

And always remember the fun that we had.

In your arms I felt so warm,

And behind your eyes was a beautiful storm.

I was too shy to look up at you,

You seemed too good for a girl like me.

Then all my fears came true,

Because you needed to set me free.

Please take what I can’t bear,

It was yours after all.

It’s true but so unfair,

That the higher the climb, the harder the fall.

Your heart is hardened where I’m concerned.

You held me close and let me go.

This is just another lesson I’ve learned,

I’ve studied and I finally know

That love eludes me,

And nothing is going to get through to you,

And that includes me.

So you’ll never know that my love was true.

I’m cold and distant now,

Guarding my heart from more pain,

Harboring feelings for you somehow.

I wish them gone since it’s all in vain.

Please take back your past kindness,

And should you ever find this,

Please take me back, too.


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