The Christmas Chill

Beneath the curtain of late autumn’s rage,

I taste the breath of winter.

The rose is dead, the leaves are beige,

The branches, shreds of a splinter.

The shadows cast, are long and dark,

The frost that sprawls, so stings me,

It’s icy fingers chase away the lark,

And feed the sadness within me.


Amongst the sorrow of the night,

In the chill of winter’s call,

The sky is vast with much light,

The moon, a sliver of a ball.

Trapped within a memory still,

You are free to break my heart.

Tears, down my face they spill,

No stopping what you start.


Lost and lonely and harshly cold,

I am but a forgotten dream.

Yet through my pain I am told

Things are but what they seem.

Winter will be soon with all its might,

But last I saw you had a warm glow.

That if I should see you on Christmas night,

Please wrap yourself up with a bow.


I want to meld your lips with mine,

And nourish the love I still feel.

Touch the heavens, you are divine.

Lord, let the vision be real.

For shall I wake to find you gone,

A Christmas wish I’d give you:

Should this heartbreak linger on,

For my death I will forgive you.


14 thoughts on “The Christmas Chill

  1. Have just discovered your poetry and shall be following along.:-).

    I love the first two lines of this piece:

    Beneath the curtain of late autumn’s rage,
    I taste the breath of winter.

    – they say so much.

  2. Thank you so much.
    I try to incorporate things like personification, alitteration, or onomatopoeia in my poems that jazz ’em up a touch and help me or a reader feel the words instead of just reading them, sometimes. Mostly my poems are cathartic and help me purge feelings or memories I am not sitting pretty with at the moment. LOL.

  3. Hey you!!! I hope you get through this rough patch…I know what it feels like to be lonely and in love w someone who moved on w their life…it sucks…and likewise, I wish you all that you deserve too 🙂

  4. Nah…feelings like these suck….I have to keep thoughts of him at bay and when I do think about him I can’t move….everything freezes….I want the feelings gone. Settle for good sex…it is fun and feels better than overwhelming emotion.

  5. ugh…good sex is the cure all for so many things…it is great exercise and it relieves stress and depression…and thus it improves well being and heart health and general personality….woot…bring it on. nothing says lovin like a good hard smash-n-thrash

  6. cant really disagree with that logic but for me and i guess only for me, it’s meaningless without a person you truly care for

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