Things I tell myself

Just look away

Avoid the sky when the stars come out

Think other thoughts even for one day

I won’t grieve for you

I should pretend that you are dead

This helps me through

I am growing stronger

I will forget you

I can resist the thoughts a little longer

I am living my own way

I refuse to be perfect for you

I will smile a lot today

Smarter interactions

Delete that picture

Wish for distractions

(Especially when passing the movie theater)

Stop remembering our last kiss in my car

Never drive down that street

It’s tough enough sitting at the bar

Just look away

Just look away

Just look away

casting shadows on this love

This love that I feel

Is everything

And nothing

At the same time

Maybe this means

That I can reclaim

This lonely heart

Of mine

This love that I feel

Is an empty vessel

Like the dawn

Of a new day

Maybe this means

It should be set free

To explore life

In its own way

This love that I feel

Never reached

Your heart

Filled with resistance

Maybe this means

It lives just beyond

The realm

Of your existence

Standing outside the door

Where darkness dares to explore

Lurking around the seams

Of hope and light and dreams

This love that I feel

Skims the surface of what is real

Within that damning shadow of a doubt

Until all the starlight finally burns out

void of time

the petal will fall

and glisten like a gorgeous summer goddess

in the garden of eternity

crying out for death

as she whispers

“I am a woman”

the crushed dreams of a girl

soar within a vision of beauty

beneath the gown of mist

like a delicate symphony

underneath my bare feet

writing on the wall

I was flying high in love

And it’s been painful coming down

Tonight the stars aren’t gleaming above

To guide me closer to your town

Well my heart is torn in pieces

And I know what I want to do

Wondering when you’ll see this

You know I can’t stop loving you

The pieces come together

And tie themselves in knots

I buckle under pressure

And the pain doesn’t stop

Just to pass by your place

The apartments by the park

It’s still so hard to face

Even in the dark

Then just in the nick of time

I see scrawled upon a brick wall

Words I was meant to write not find

Happenstance of lover and a fall

But the message was so plain to see

If only it were from you to me:


You whip me with your anger

And I fall to the floor

Like a fool

My heart is torn in shreds

Because you never loved me

You mock me

And I’m small

I have requested nothing

Save for your love

And I trusted it would come

The sighs and whimpers

They are all I have to explain my story

I would gnaw away beyond the door

With gut-wrenching need

Because you are always in there

And I am out here

Wanting for you to see

How much I want your love

I was the puppy you adored

Now just a forgotten and abused dog

Left out in the cold

Something Blue

The beautiful flowers you sent me

have long since withered away

and I think of all that you

put me through

since that anger-filled day

My beer-infused kisses

we first shared

never meant a thing

I know it’s over

it’s really over

and to you

it was just some passing little fling

Yet, I hoped we could’ve built something


Built something right

Built something to last

my entire life

But I can’t feel what we could’ve built

on this hopeless, dark winter’s night

The shadows of our lover’s knot

still haunt me in my mind

like the distant flirt of those flowers

floating by me all the time

Each time I let you in again

I get my hopes up just to watch them fall

Because my birthday was just the other day

and you didn’t send me flowers at all

I texted you and asked if you met someone

And maybe you briefly entertained the thought

When soon it stopped, the chat was done

it should’ve been for me that you fought

If I blame you for what wasn’t

and hold onto what was

you’re still the lover that doesn’t

turn into someone who does

We didn’t build something meaningful

didn’t build somethng right

didn’t build something to last

all these cold, long, lonely nights…

(All those years ago, showing up in Warren, kinda buzzed, but forcing kisses upon you. Yes, you must have found someone else and you will pack up and say adios)

The Candle Lighter Award

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Death of a love

Before its time

A painful existence

For this heart of mine

In a place of light

An immutable fight

The shadow of love

Creeps along

Beside me constantly

Always stretching taller

The shadow of love

Seeps within me

A growing mass

Never becoming smaller

So that when I loved

I felt so much fear

Because the shadow

Was always near

And it harbored


And befriended

Anxiety and madness

Come take a stroll

Beyond the sleepy knoll

The tombstone by the willow tree

is shawled with a soft moss

Brush it off and you’ll see

The shadow of love is loss

(the loss of me)

September Twelfth

Did you drown the love

Or is it living a life

Beyond your realm

Where there is no strife

How were you able to sleep

Or did you lie to yourself

About me that night

On September Twelfth

I’m lost beyond the shadows

In your mind

Where you hide the truth from yourself

All the time

I cry myself to sleep every night

And wonder how you’d think it’s alright

Did you drown our love

Or is it living a life

Beyond the shadows in your mind

September Twelfth

Is my everyday, all the time

Without true metamorphosis

The bud was found on a sunny spring day

And I was certain it would bloom on

I was coming out of my cocoon

Just for you

The last time I looked at you

I didn’t see the light shining around us

And when you held me

I felt as if I were a voyeur

On the opposite side of the world

Where in a man’s arms

A woman with almond eyes

Rations out pieces of her soul

That meet up with his

And then the two entwine into one

Distant feelings

That linger on in time

But not around here

With me

Why did you break my heart

Again and again

I cried within each tick of the clock

And in the moments the lie between

I faked smiles

And traded laughter for sleepless nights

Still ensnared within your butterfly net

I just want to feel right in the world again

So should you hold me once more

It will be “goodbye”

My love for you could not be nourished

Forever ends here with me