New Year’s Day

**I suggest reading the poem on this blog entitled “New Year’s Eve”  before reading this.**

Something in the air up high last night

Weighed me down:

A heartstring and soul-baring searchlight

When I didn’t want to be found.

I tow the weight of the world

With me all the time,

But a ballet of feelings twirled

Through this aching heart of mine.

Just when I thought to leap,

And end my hauntingly bruised life,

I saw from upon the bridge so steep

A murky river full of sorrow, guilt, strife.

That light shined bright with so little warning.

It’s you I want to sink into, not the opaque.

And clearly, before the dawn of this new year’s morning,

In death I would have lost all the love still at stake.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. I know how you feel and have been in your shoes before. I hope this year doesn’t allow things to get worse. Continue to write and share and I pray this is a catharsis for you on this matter.

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