Buspar and Whiskey:memories of Tom

I see him at the guitar store
Sitting by himself
My eyes locked in for more
My heart sitting on a shelf
He plays ‘Picture’ for a thought
And he seems so down,
Like the days we fought

For losing the love we found
I cannot tell what is now
From what was then
And he is different somehow
From all the other men
Crying to himself,
Oh how this world is so cruel,
I grab my heart off that shelf

Force my fears to duel
So as to not let the fight inside his heart
Fade from the depths of all that is real
From all the truth that sets him apart

For all his love I long to feel
With my chewed upon, cracked lips,
A nervous wreck am I
His long legs wrapped around my hips
Same thought until I die

Kiss me, Kiss me
Buspar and whiskey
But not tonight
I’m feeling frisky
And he looks so right
Mysterious eyes
Riffing on that guitar
Left behind my disguise
But spunk only goes so far
I just want to feel him wrapped around me
And wear him like the bubbles in my bath
Lift his eyes up from the guitar to see
He needs to follow my path
But now it seems

His voice is calling
Reaching into my dreams
Oh no, I’m falling…
And it is quiet here

He stopped playing
I see him walking near
And he is saying

I miss you and always will
As we fall down together,
I see I don’t need booze or a pill
My heart to his, tether

Buspar and whiskey
Never say that they miss me