Without true metamorphosis

The bud was found on a sunny spring day

And I was certain it would bloom on

I was coming out of my cocoon

Just for you

The last time I looked at you

I didn’t see the light shining around us

And when you held me

I felt as if I were a voyeur

On the opposite side of the world

Where in a man’s arms

A woman with almond eyes

Rations out pieces of her soul

That meet up with his

And then the two entwine into one

Distant feelings

That linger on in time

But not around here

With me

Why did you break my heart

Again and again

I cried within each tick of the clock

And in the moments the lie between

I faked smiles

And traded laughter for sleepless nights

Still ensnared within your butterfly net

I just want to feel right in the world again

So should you hold me once more

It will be “goodbye”

My love for you could not be nourished

Forever ends here with me