Worthless Scrawl

Slowly fading to gray

Moments slip away

Caught between a final heartbeat

Useless pennies beneath a seat

You have been concluding

With all the love you’re refusing

I cannot win your heart

And it has torn me apart

Broke this love in two

Disregarded what is true

You’ve put me to shame

And if this was some kind of game

I couldn’t play another minute

Although your heart I tried to win it

So now I’ve kicked down death’s door

It’s clear you didn’t need me anymore

When you find this note

And see me lying in my coat

You’ll lift me up and kiss me fair and all

Upon your knees you would never fall

2 thoughts on “Worthless Scrawl

  1. I like this poem because of the ironic twist at the end –> “Upon your knees you would never fall”…he will be on his knees once he sees that you have given up and now wants to give you the lift you requested when you were alive.

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