Something Blue

The beautiful flowers you sent me

have long since withered away

and I think of all that you

put me through

since that anger-filled day

My beer-infused kisses

we first shared

never meant a thing

I know it’s over

it’s really over

and to you

it was just some passing little fling

Yet, I hoped we could’ve built something


Built something right

Built something to last

my entire life

But I can’t feel what we could’ve built

on this hopeless, dark winter’s night

The shadows of our lover’s knot

still haunt me in my mind

like the distant flirt of those flowers

floating by me all the time

Each time I let you in again

I get my hopes up just to watch them fall

Because my birthday was just the other day

and you didn’t send me flowers at all

I texted you and asked if you met someone

And maybe you briefly entertained the thought

When soon it stopped, the chat was done

it should’ve been for me that you fought

If I blame you for what wasn’t

and hold onto what was

you’re still the lover that doesn’t

turn into someone who does

We didn’t build something meaningful

didn’t build somethng right

didn’t build something to last

all these cold, long, lonely nights…

(All those years ago, showing up in Warren, kinda buzzed, but forcing kisses upon you. Yes, you must have found someone else and you will pack up and say adios)


9 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. If he doesn’t care for you, you can’t make him and if you can, it will end in more tears than you’ve shed now. Forget him like he forgot your birthday. At least he made you write a beautiful poem, so he’s not completely useless.

  2. The wound inflicted upon you continues to bleed and never close from what seems to have been a brief encounter. You need a good suture, which can be brief in itself, that will help bring about some healing.

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