writing on the wall

I was flying high in love

And it’s been painful coming down

Tonight the stars aren’t gleaming above

To guide me closer to your town

Well my heart is torn in pieces

And I know what I want to do

Wondering when you’ll see this

You know I can’t stop loving you

The pieces come together

And tie themselves in knots

I buckle under pressure

And the pain doesn’t stop

Just to pass by your place

The apartments by the park

It’s still so hard to face

Even in the dark

Then just in the nick of time

I see scrawled upon a brick wall

Words I was meant to write not find

Happenstance of lover and a fall

But the message was so plain to see

If only it were from you to me:


8 thoughts on “writing on the wall

  1. Wow, really powerful stuff here. I love the photo you added. It ties in so well with the poem. I would love for a guy to do that for me.

  2. No problem. But I’m good. My boyfriend says a lot of sweet things to me One of the most romantic things he ever said to me was “you are proof God exist.”

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