casting shadows on this love

This love that I feel

Is everything

And nothing

At the same time

Maybe this means

That I can reclaim

This lonely heart

Of mine

This love that I feel

Is an empty vessel

Like the dawn

Of a new day

Maybe this means

It should be set free

To explore life

In its own way

This love that I feel

Never reached

Your heart

Filled with resistance

Maybe this means

It lives just beyond

The realm

Of your existence

Standing outside the door

Where darkness dares to explore

Lurking around the seams

Of hope and light and dreams

This love that I feel

Skims the surface of what is real

Within that damning shadow of a doubt

Until all the starlight finally burns out


4 thoughts on “casting shadows on this love

  1. I know your poems are a methods of catharsis and generated by a bad experience however, I do like how you illustrate the emotions of sadness and hurt with great metaphors. Hopefully happiness will come for you soon and you will share that with us as well.

  2. thanks…I don’t think the kind of happiness I want will ever be with me…I have poems I wrote about my children that are joyful but sadly even motherhood isn’t enough to make me feel content. I am blessed to have had children but that kind of love doesn’t fill me up and I often feel guilt about that but oh well.

  3. I just read your reply. Although most would be shocked by your word, I am not and understand how what would be considered a blessing doesn’t equate to happiness. Is it safe to assume that what you wanted (love), you had at one point in time and it was lost and now there is nothing that can replace that lost?

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