… (Re-posting!)

As I watched you kiss me,

I felt as though

I was swimming at the edge

Of a reflecting pool

Made for our souls

But I don’t know if that

Was the beginning or

The end of our time

And all of my au revoir’s

Can regretfully change

To adieu.

I feel you fading

Like the fog upon

A morning window.

You break me down


Shaking and crying.

And now it is if you’re gone


forever in absentia and back again (re-posting it!)

I am breaking the



and letting you know my heart




You feel my soul


pulling towards yours




and in the night


we struggle to comprehend




that which the soul knows


and trusts




Yet hearts are often bruised, bludgeoned


over mistaking a soul’s fulfillment




leaping out, reaching further,


frantic dancing of a soul’s delight




recognize the motion


as I have




I’ve loved you always


and you finally found me




so strip me down


exposing the purpose




The union of our souls


brings light to our darkened hearts




I will make you happy


and chain your heart to mine




should you decide


to love me back


I am alone

and this I loathe

on the reckless path

of the straight and narrow

I’m flicking through my phone

wondering why I am here

playing in a bubble bath

water logged through the marrow

Where are you

teaching someone to do it right

We need to get a clue

not get in a fight

I need you to hold me

Tonight I wondered

what really makes me smile

mostly trivial things

a surprise phone call

a piece of candy someone gives me

a good story told by a complete stranger

these things tell me

I like to be thought of

I want to be wanted

I want you to hold me


My mind catches the light from the very image of you,

and will not set it free.

I know this constant thinking is doing nothing productive,

but you spin like a record in my head,

as it replays all the best moments of you.

I want to hold you close,

like I do in my dreams.

But you are far away,

and who knows when I will get to feel you in my arms again.

Still there’s a line between our souls…

that I can reel you in at will…

so you never truly feel out of my reach.

re-posted from the archives: October 2011 juxtaposition from previous poem I posted.

My heart beats faster when you touch me

And the stars can disappear

You’re all the light I need to see

Gone now is my fear

Shadows cease to exist

Time it stretches so far

The moonlight clenched in my fist

A firefly freed from a jar

Will they hear a sound

If it is trapped so deep inside

While kissing the girl you found

The love we should never hide

My heart beats faster when you’re near

And the stars all fade away

Gone now is my biggest fear

That I’ll die alone someday

I wring the sheet with a tightened clasp

You gaze into my eyes

I let out the lightest gasp

Of pleasure and surprise

You hold me and feel me shaking

I’ve come undone here for you

All this love we’ve been making

It’s ethereal and true

**************now read ‘gray skies and farewell’***************** ugh the difference is that love doesn’t last forever

Illusive Eluding

Too surreal to be real

Let’s forget about playing

Let me hold truth to my face

Feed me proof

That I may have faith

Sip absolute of this platitude:

The truth lies in simplicity

It is beyond the flirt of alcohol

Staggering to reach you

The innocent lamb that you seem

The illusion so antiquated

That the slaughter-house now summons guilt

And I won’t wear blood on my coat

So forgive me of the doubt

That you have tempted me to fall

Because I want you to hold me

To kiss me and make me feel our truth

Loneliness is the Devil’s Daughter

Your words entwine with my thoughts

And I am haunted by what is no more

Your smile is a brief burst of light in my mind

And it has become what I’m living for

My hand reaches out for you

But there is nothing that I can see

To take away the gnawing ache

And bring you back to me

I had you on my lips

The heavens granted us a nod

Easing a life force through my flesh

Breaking through the facade

You quickly stole my heart

And all that we had done

Kept me from feeling sad

Being in love was so much fun

I still feel your touch on my skin

In the late night air

As I leave the bar

You are with me everywhere

I kiss a stranger to quench my desire

That you have ceased to see

The alcohol fanned the flames

Of the love that is crushing me

I drank to ease the restless stirring of my soul

And calm this constant storm within my heart

Because I long to be released

From the fiery clutch of our time apart