re-posted from the archives: October 2011 juxtaposition from previous poem I posted.

My heart beats faster when you touch me

And the stars can disappear

You’re all the light I need to see

Gone now is my fear

Shadows cease to exist

Time it stretches so far

The moonlight clenched in my fist

A firefly freed from a jar

Will they hear a sound

If it is trapped so deep inside

While kissing the girl you found

The love we should never hide

My heart beats faster when you’re near

And the stars all fade away

Gone now is my biggest fear

That I’ll die alone someday

I wring the sheet with a tightened clasp

You gaze into my eyes

I let out the lightest gasp

Of pleasure and surprise

You hold me and feel me shaking

I’ve come undone here for you

All this love we’ve been making

It’s ethereal and true

**************now read ‘gray skies and farewell’***************** ugh the difference is that love doesn’t last forever