Loneliness is the Devil’s Daughter

Your words entwine with my thoughts

And I am haunted by what is no more

Your smile is a brief burst of light in my mind

And it has become what I’m living for

My hand reaches out for you

But there is nothing that I can see

To take away the gnawing ache

And bring you back to me

I had you on my lips

The heavens granted us a nod

Easing a life force through my flesh

Breaking through the facade

You quickly stole my heart

And all that we had done

Kept me from feeling sad

Being in love was so much fun

I still feel your touch on my skin

In the late night air

As I leave the bar

You are with me everywhere

I kiss a stranger to quench my desire

That you have ceased to see

The alcohol fanned the flames

Of the love that is crushing me

I drank to ease the restless stirring of my soul

And calm this constant storm within my heart

Because I long to be released

From the fiery clutch of our time apart