A Spider’s chance in Hell

Without hope for your return

I’m in hell

I feel the burn

There’s so much to tell

It’s an ache inside

So plain to see

From our divide

Set me free

From the fiery clutch

Of this painful fall

I love you so much

But the pain won’t stall

It has no ebb

It mimics a spider’s crawl

This love is a web

Stretched from wall to wall

And I’ve been trapped

But there are no silky strands in sight

Locked down and strapped

I’ve lost the fight

My heart is stranded

And open for attack

Often reprimanded

For wanting you back

So here I stand

Starving for your love

I reach for your hand

The world gives me a shove

I need you now but for you my love wasn’t a thought

You walked through the web but you couldn’t be caught

(You left me for a night when we were living at the my parents house. This was written then)


4 thoughts on “A Spider’s chance in Hell

  1. You’ve taken everything I’ve felt and compiled it so beautifully somehow. I hope you can find peace within yourself and you will not be in pain. It’s still a question lingering in the universe as to why we experience such heartache and painful trial but, it truly makes everything else that’s pure and wonderful so much more appreciated. Thank you for this beautiful write.

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