So afraid to breathe

Between every breath

I grieve

Our last kiss inside my car

I feel

It’s traveled so far

But still it lingers on

In the midnight air

I wish it would be gone

Oh how am I supposed to breathe

For your love

I’ll always grieve

Tell me just to be

It’s your right to be wrong

You would never agree

The space in between

The moments

That we’ve seen

Exists on another plane

Maybe it’s true

In that space there’s no pain

So why in the world should I breathe

This time

You’ll be the one to grieve


6 thoughts on “Grieve

  1. This is lovely Eva, and painful and sad.

    You are right about purging it. When grieve strangles, I revisit the event – sharp heart stopping pains slice through but with every visit the blade dulls…in time, I can relive the memories but without the pain. This is how I cope – might not work for all. Perhaps you recall this post >

    Peace, Eric

  2. Eric,
    Thanks for the heads-up about your comments not coming through and yup, they were in the spam folder, grrrr….but all is good now 🙂

    And super-good advice about heartbreak….I guess with each visit it will dull in time.

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