Same Old Love Story

Now that you’ve left me

And your love’s withered away

The pages of our story

Have yellowed and grayed

Because time closes in

To let a new story begin

Our love no longer spills from the seams

It’s tucked away within my late night dreams

The stars are the sky’s backdrop

And they’re shining away

Winter’s chill made a last stop

In your heart it will stay

In the night

You will fight

To forget the love story we shared

And struggle to pretend that you never really cared

But beyond late night dreams

When I lie awake

In the distant light it streams

This dusty old heartbreak

I know the misery that I wear

To someone new would be unfair

And I hope that nobody minds when I’m blue

Because no matter what I’ll always love you

Our love’s tattered flip book

Is still a page-turner in my mind

The feelings that you took

Away were unkind

Still all I ever see

Is the way you looked at me

So please don’t mind when I skim through

The story of the love I shared with you


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