stay green

With green-gray eyes I cry myself to sleep at night

And wish the angels will take me on a flight

To where you are

But where are you

Our last kiss in my car

Where our love was true

I can’t let it go

How could you not know

That I cry myself to sleep each night

Or stay awake through the morning light

Hoping that no matter where you are

Wherever that could be

That you remember how sad I was in my car

And that you’ll come find me

Beneath the surface you might see

The patina of this love is a grayish green

I can’t let you go

I need you to know

We should have been so much more

And if someday you’d walk through my door

We’ll need to kiss “Hello, again” in my car

And forlorn little me will have a mended heart

But I’m lying awake right now

The stars are about to take their final bow

In the sky tonight

That blankets us through the morning light

When I wish to always find you next to me

So this love will always stay green

5 thoughts on “stay green

  1. Yeah people tend not to enjoy being stalked. Or at least, the pretend not to. I prefer the term “unwitting research.” Less chances of getting a restraining order, haha.

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