unconditionally yours

All it took

Was just a look

My soul’s bruised hue was chased away

My mind locked in on you the very next day

You held me and I was a woman not some scared little girl

And you kissed me and brought the smiles back into my world

I never thanked you for easing me through that pain of mine

And for being the one I can’t forget with passing time

No matter where life takes you

Or how much your heart breaks you

The flip side of the space between our past and future doors

Is that my love for you is unconditionally yours


10 thoughts on “unconditionally yours

  1. Thank you, Eric….I have always been imaginative of the time and space between moments…as if something as complex as love or as simple as a kiss could live on beyond the momements in between being with the other person. I would like to say I believe life goes on in another realm, even for a kiss or for love…but possibly that is a stretch 🙂 I always feel complelled to catch special moments in a butterfly net and hold them with me forever…but they just fly off to God knows where.

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