Blue Sky or Couch

Blue sky or couch

Inside I want out

I am a firefly

In a tightly sealed jar

About to die

Lucid dreams take me far

Yet my soul

That lump of coal

Will engulf into flames

A roll call of names

And never yours

Because upon distant shores

You are magical and light

Carless as the sun shining so bright

Blue sky or couch

I’m fading out

The light is slowly slipping away

Sadly, it was in the night we used to play

This firefly isn’t being freed

You’re gone but still all I need


2 thoughts on “Blue Sky or Couch

  1. As a kid I would trap a firefly a night, in a glass jar, until it flickered and died…what have you done, mother cried…don’t know mum, it simply died. Then I would cry…for the firefly that died 😦

  2. I used to hate when my brother or my friends would trap them inside glass jars…I felt so sorry for them…what if they needed to get home to their mommy? You summed it up quite beautifully, Eric.

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