The Incredible Houdini-Act of My Self-Esteem

Walking around

With cement feet

That sink me down

Upon the street

The spark is gone

A dreadful soul

I carry on

My truth unfolds

A great mistake

In my birth

I’ve tried to fake

My self-worth

The heavens frown

If  I am seen

Walking around

With hopes and dreams

Upon my walk

I have felt

The empty hand

I was dealt

A couple passes by

Holding hands

I begin to cry

Now my soul commands

Later in the hours of the dark

When time stands still

Like a bottle of Maker’s Mark

Smashed at the bottom of the hill

I’ll end time’s reign

As champion of my life

The guilt and pain

Its bloody knife

A fiery walk

My soul will begin

To see the devil balk

At letting me in

4 thoughts on “The Incredible Houdini-Act of My Self-Esteem

  1. You create a great atmosphere with this poem!

    It’s World Poetry Day tomorrow (March 21st, as assigned by the United Nations) and I’ve started a World Peace Poem where I’m inviting my poet friends and anyone with poetic words in their heart to contribute a couple of lines. It’s running through the comments section on my latest blog post ( and would LOVE it if you could write a couple of lines of your beautiful poetry within it. Also put a link to your site on there. 🙂

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