I want to see your name on a headstone

Maybe a nice cross stitch scene

Upon your lips

Will show you what I mean

Your cruel words are whips

The consonants and vowels

Released like excrement from your mouth

As the stuffy air fouls

Announce you’re flaccid north and south

You are a gutless soul

With a frozen heart

And truth be told

I’m why the kids are happy and smart

22 thoughts on “I want to see your name on a headstone

  1. Wow! Eva – you really ripped the guy apart 🙂

    “…you’re flaccid north and south…” Ha! Ha! Ha! what a whack, this one 🙂

    One more thing, dear – hope you manage to get some sleep. Luv and hugz for you, Eric

  2. Hey Eric,
    Thanks! Yes, anger got the best of me. And it is true, the good Lord didn’t bless him uptown or downtown. Trying to settle down for the night and the televison has me glued to it. Insomnia also doesn’t help matters.

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