Same Old Love Story

Now that you’ve left me

And your love’s withered away

The pages of our story

Have yellowed and grayed

Because time closes in

To let a new story begin

Our love no longer spills from the seams

It’s tucked away within my late night dreams

The stars are the sky’s backdrop

And they’re shining away

Winter’s chill made a last stop

In your heart it will stay

In the night

You will fight

To forget the love story we shared

And struggle to pretend that you never really cared

But beyond late night dreams

When I lie awake

In the distant light it streams

This dusty old heartbreak

I know the misery that I wear

To someone new would be unfair

And I hope that nobody minds when I’m blue

Because no matter what I’ll always love you

Our love’s tattered flip book

Is still a page-turner in my mind

The feelings that you took

Away were unkind

Still all I ever see

Is the way you looked at me

So please don’t mind when I skim through

The story of the love I shared with you



Our love lives on in the world

Beyond what we can grasp

With fingers tightly curled

Although it didn’t last

Love is a living thing

Which is why it touches us so

All the hopes and dreams it brings

Never wanted to let them go

But transcending time and space

And the tears streaming down my face

There’s love living out a life

Released by our parting lips upon a November night

Born from our broken embrace

It has the icy white starlight to chase

I feel it in the air

Surrounding me everywhere

I wish that you could see

That love exists for you and me

The distance between us is not what it seems

It’s completely absorbed by hope and light and dreams

Fly Fishing for your Love

Fly fishing for your soul

Lost out there

On some foggy river bank

While this love is suspended

In mid-kiss

And as our lips parted ways

My line was readied

To reel you back in

Should you travel off too far

Beyond the river’s edge

I wanted you to love me

But no

Maybe I was fearful

Of being unworthy

To spend all eternity

In love with you

And now it’s too late to reel you back in

When the fog rolls away

Beyond our grasp

And clear is the path

Back home to forever with me

You’ll be gone from the river’s edge

But never gone from my heart

I could spend a lifetime

Fly fishing for this love

(Ok maybe you surf fish at night, but I see you with a vest a waders on in my dreams)

A Spider’s chance in Hell

Without hope for your return

I’m in hell

I feel the burn

There’s so much to tell

It’s an ache inside

So plain to see

From our divide

Set me free

From the fiery clutch

Of this painful fall

I love you so much

But the pain won’t stall

It has no ebb

It mimics a spider’s crawl

This love is a web

Stretched from wall to wall

And I’ve been trapped

But there are no silky strands in sight

Locked down and strapped

I’ve lost the fight

My heart is stranded

And open for attack

Often reprimanded

For wanting you back

So here I stand

Starving for your love

I reach for your hand

The world gives me a shove

I need you now but for you my love wasn’t a thought

You walked through the web but you couldn’t be caught

(You left me for a night when we were living at the my parents house. This was written then)

The Sunshine Blogger Award

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I want to thank the very talented Bluesander for giving me this award. You MUST check out her blog. She is amazingly gifted.

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Thanks again to Bluesander…all of my followers must read her blog, it is beautiful! And congratulations to all those I have awarded. You deserve it.


So afraid to breathe

Between every breath

I grieve

Our last kiss inside my car

I feel

It’s traveled so far

But still it lingers on

In the midnight air

I wish it would be gone

Oh how am I supposed to breathe

For your love

I’ll always grieve

Tell me just to be

It’s your right to be wrong

You would never agree

The space in between

The moments

That we’ve seen

Exists on another plane

Maybe it’s true

In that space there’s no pain

So why in the world should I breathe

This time

You’ll be the one to grieve

Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone

I’ve been here lost in the sadness of a love that died

Since you’ve been gone

I’ve been so cold and lonely without you here by my side

Since you’ve been gone

Nobody looks at me the way you used to

Since you’ve been gone

The pilot light of my soul gives off a somber hue

I don’t like to sleep at night

And blanket myself with cold

The sheets don’t feel right

And in the morning our truths unfold

The sensual aura that encircled us faded away

Even the imposing shadows retreat during the day

Since you’ve been gone

I refuse to carry on